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A Message from the Principal


Happy New Year Essex Pandas!

First, I wanted to thank everyone for an excellent month of December. Our students worked diligently to demonstrate our virtue of the month, self-control and to exhibit the behaviors of Proud Pandas! I’m overjoyed to see the compassion demonstrated by our students, staff, and community with the generous donations for those families that were in need this holiday season. Thank you to all that donated!

We’ve already had a delay and early dismissal due to weather conditions. Please take time to discuss with your child what they should do if school closes early due to snow or bad weather. Inside the newsletter is a sheet you can fill out and re-turn to school so the teacher is aware of what you have dis-cussed. We also ask that you go on the county website for up-dates with early dismissals and email your teacher for any changes that may occur. See below for 3 ways to be prepared!

Our virtue for the month of January is honesty. Please talk with your child at home about the importance of being honest. Students that demonstrate this virtue will be nominated by their teachers to receive the Panda Pride Award and receive a positive phone call home

January 12th is Team BCPS Day. Please have all students dress in Blue that day to show their spirit for Team BCPS. I would like to encourage all families to like our Essex Elementary Facebook page. I am sharing important updates and reminders. It is an easy way to stay connected to the incredible things that are happening in our school!

As we look forward to another great month, I want to ex-press how thankful I am for our incredible teaching staff, our hardworking students, PTA, and our parents and families for their engagement and support of our school.

Brooke Wagner, Principal

School Closing Hotline:  443-809-5555

You can also go to Baltimore County Public School Website.

Download the bcps app by visiting BCPS Now Mobile App directions

Upcoming Events



School Event


Schools Re-Open

1/2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Art Club / Chess Club 3:30P-4:30P

1/4, 11, 18, 25

Study Buddies 3:30P-4:30P

1/5, 12, 19, 26 24

Club 3:30-4:15


PTA Meeting 6P

1/10, 24

Space Maker Club 3:30P-4:15P


Dr. King Birthday/Schools Closed


Student Banking Day 9 a.m.


Penny Wars


Buffalo Wild Wings Family Night


End of 2nd Qtr./Close 3 hours early


PTA Family Game Night


Report Cards Distributed

2/1, 8,15,22

Study Buddies 3:30P – 4:30P

2/2, 9,16,23

24 Club 3:30P – 4:15P

2/6, 13, 20, 27

Art Club/Chess Club 3:30P- 4:30P

2/7, 21

Space Maker Club 3:30P – 4:15P

2/12 - 23

Hearing & Vision Screening


Presidents Day/Schools Closed


Student Banking Day 9:00A


Jump Rope For Heart

3/1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Study Buddies 3:30P – 4:30P

3/2, 9, 16, 23

24 Club 3:30P – 4:15P

3/6, 13, 20, 27

Art Club/Chess Club 3:30P- 4:30P

3/7, 21

Space Maker Club 3:30P – 4:15P

3/15, 16

Hearing & Vision Make-up Screenings


Schools Close 3 hrs. early


Schools Closed for Spring Break



A message from Ms. Simpson, the School Counselor

This year we helped over 20 families and over 50 children from our school this holiday season. Many thanks for your help and kindness towards others in need. Many children woke up on Christmas morning to some wonderful surprises as a result! Various organizations and businesses in the neighborhood such as Baltimore County Police Department, the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion Post 148 helped two families to have a special holiday. Additionally the Essex Diner sponsored one of our families and gave them a wonderful Christmas dinner and gifts!!! Included in amazing outreach and support are some local neighbors such as and Raven’s Roost who helped several families have a nice Christmas as well as several BCPS offices, a Department at Johns Hopkins and the Chamber of Commerce! St. John’s Lutheran took care of many families and Essex United Methodist Church, House of God and Church of God helped 19 families. Our staff was monumental in helping 10 children from our Giving Tree! Additionally some of our current teachers and PTA members as well as supporters such as our pull tab collectors supported several families with some very special surprises! Our community is truly a generous one!

Thank you again, for making wishes come true! Have a Very Happy New Year!



I wanted to take a moment to thank the PTA volunteers for helping make the December book fair a success! I would also like to thank the teachers for supporting this book fair and work-ing with the school to make sure every student was able to shop.

Check out the Baltimore County Public Library/Essex Branch! They have computers, books, workshops and so much more! Just a few things happening this month at the Essex Branch:

Paper Plate Snow Man Craft Time

Saturday, January 6th @ 3 p.m. Registration Required

Family Bingo Night

Tuesday, January 9th 7 p.m.

Contact information for you Essex Baltimore County Public Library please visit BCPL Essex website




Where do head lice come from?

Head lice do not come out of the air or from the ground. They are human parasites and have probably been here since the beginning of time.

How do you treat a home or school for lice?

Homes or schools don't get head lice - people do. Head lice are human parasites and require human blood to survive. Vacuuming is the safest and best way to remove lice or fallen hairs with attached nits from upholstered furniture, rugs, stuffed animals or car seats - wherever someone with head lice may have rested their head. Pesticide sprays are unwarranted and may pose personal and environmental hazards. Vacuum and save your time and energy for what benefits you the most - thorough nit removal.

What is the life cycle of the head louse?

Head lice can survive on a human host for approximately 30 days. They generally cannot survive longer than 24 hours off the host. A female louse lays 3-5 eggs a day. The eggs hatch in 7-10 days and it takes another 7-10 day for the louse to mature and lay their own eggs.

How long can nits and lice survive off of a head?

Once laid, it takes 7-10 days for a nit to hatch. Nits off the head may not even hatch at all as they are laid close to scalp because they need human warmth to incubate. A nit hatching off of a head results in tiny nymph head louse which, without an accessible/nearby human, is doomed because it requires an immediate blood meal. Adult head lice off of their human hosts will generally not survive for more than 24 hours.

Do head lice jump?

Head lice do not have hind legs to hop or jump. They also do not have wings and cannot fly.

Can you catch head lice from headphones or helmets?

The extent to which head lice are transmitted to others via headphones or helmets is unknown. Ideally, risk of transmission can be eliminated by making sure children have and use their own equipment. If this is not possible, you can clean the items between children by wiping them with a damp paper towel. An additional measure would be to encourage each child to wear a baseball cap to help shield the hair from contact with the item. Helmets and headphone should never be sprayed.

Most importantly - and best for the entire community - all parents should screen their children regularly and before sending them into the group setting where helmets or headphones will be shared.

What product should I use to treat my child?

There are no over-the-counter or prescription treatments to kill lice that are totally safe and scientifically proven to be 100% effective against head lice and nits. These treatments are potentially harmful pesticides and reliance on them promotes repeated use and contributes to ongoing infestations, outbreaks and resistant strains of head lice. Various "natural" remedies are vigorously marketed on the Internet but we have found no scientific basis for their claims of efficacy and human safety.

Manual removal of the live lice and nits is the safe alternative and a necessary component of any head lice treatment regimen. The NPA (The National Pediculosis Association) recommends using an official Lice Comb to enable families to screen often, detect head lice early and thoroughly remove lice and nits.


A message from Candy Dean, PTA President

Wow how exciting was the month of December! What a way to end the year! Thanks to all that joined us for our 3rd Annual Winter Dance. Everyone looked great, so much dancing, fun crafts, silly pics and we hope everyone got a chance to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Thanks to all the teachers and parents who volunteered to make this year’s dance a success.

Essex Elementary families “Rocked” the night on December 14th for our first Rock Painting night hosted by Mrs. Skeels. Our families are so creative, everyone did an awesome job. Thanks Mrs. Skeels, Mrs. Hiner, Ms. Sanzone & Miss Gerke for all your help in setup & hosting. Students and parents had a chance to shop our Book Fair that ran from December 11th-18th. Thanks to Miss Gerke for organizing and to all of our parent volunteers who helped students with their purchases and keep the book fair up and running through the week.

We are excited to start a new year of fun activities and events. We appreciate all of our volunteers, if you are interested in volunteering please email


PTA Event


PTA Meeting


Penny Wars


Buffalo Wild Wings Family Night


Game Night


Make a Piñata Family Night


PTA Meeting


Movie Night


Bay-Vanguard Federal Savings Bank

Student BUSY BEE SAVINGS Account

Teach your children how to save for the future.

Buzz into saving with a BUSY BEE account!

Minimum deposit of $5.00 to open account

Minor must be the primary account holder with a parent

or guardian as a custodian and signer on the account

* Interest is compounded daily and credited quarterly

* No monthly maintenance fees

Bay-Vanguard will have a representative available at Essex Elementary on the following dates:

December 19, 2017

January 16, 2018

February 20, 2018

March 20, 2018

April 17, 2018

May 15, 2018

Once $250.00 is saved, your child will receive a special gift.

Bay Vanguard Federal Savings Bank is not affiliated with Baltimore County Public Schools.



PTA Event


PTA Meeting, 6 p.m.


Penny Wars


Buffalo Wild Wings Family Night


Game Night


Playground Fundraiser


Box Top Winter Collection Sheet

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