Accelerated Reader


What is Accelerated Reader?
Accelerated Reader is a nationally used program in which a student reads a book then takes a computerized test that monitors the student's comprehension of the book. Books can be read independently or with a parent. Most tests have either 5 or 10 questions. If the child has a comprehension score of 60% or more, then she/he will receive points. Students may select any book to read. Books from our library have the reading level and book points listed in the front of them and students have been taught to pay close attention to the listed reading level to make sure that it is one that is in their reading range and not too easy (a 5th grade student can not be selecting grade 1 books unless there is an identified reading challenge). If a student wishes to read a book that is not on our Accelerated Reader program, then points will be given by completing a written book report. Book report forms can be obtained from the teacher or the librarian.


What are the reading goals that the children should earn?
Monthly goals are set by each teacher and change according to the number of school days or the time of year. Books vary in points from 0.5 to 10 or more points depending on the number of words in the book and the reading level. Most shorter books are worth 0.5, fiction are usually worth 1 or more points, and nonfiction are worth 0.5 - 2 points. The average goals are 1.5 points for grade 2, 2 points for grade 3, 3-5 points for grade 4, and 4-5 points for grade 5. As an example, a student in grade 2 could meet their reading goal by just reading 3 books in a month; a student in grade 5 could meet their goal by just reading one longer book in a month. Students in grade 2 check out 2 books every week and students in grades 3-5 can get 3 books each week. When students have finished these books they can come to the library before or after school to get new ones.    

How can I see my child's progress in Accelerated Reader?
Progress can be checked by going to Accelerated Reader Home Connect. Put in your child's user name and password. You will see your child's goal and comprehension score. You can also see all the books that your child has been reading when you go to their bookshelf. At the bookfinder selection, you can search for books that you may have at home or get from the public library to see if they are in the Accelerated Reader program.


Are the tests hard?
The tests have very fair questions and do not ask questions on minor details. They have questions that are about events in the beginning, middle, and end so that the student must have read the whole book.


When can my child take a book test?
Every morning until 9:10, students can take book tests in their room. Throughout the day teachers make computers available for tests. There are computer stations in every room.


What do the students do with the points they earn?
At the end of each month, the students' points are tabulated. During the 2013-2014 school year, students who meet their goal and earn their points will be able to attend monthly celebrations.


What are goal parties?
At various times during the year, students that have met their Accelerated Reading goal will be invited to these parties. Students will not know when they are going to happen so they should make sure they meet their goal each month if they wish to participate. These parties can be bingo, a sports activity, games, crafts, etc.


Why do Accelerated Reader?
celerated Reader is a nationally used program which has been shown by the National Reading Panel and others to boost student reading achievement. At Essex Elementary, we are using this as part of our school improvement plan to help our students make gains in reading.